Fatigue Service Life Prediction

Benefit from our state-of-the-art software algorithm and get a reliable health status with recommendations about necessary maintenance. And what do you do after 20 years of life cycle? Based on our analyses you can extend your assets’ life cycle up to 30 %.

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“We make wind energy more cost-effective and future-proof with our innovative software and data management.”

Current Projects and Cooperations



Development of a model for advanced fatigue assessment and accurate prediction of the remaining service life.


We cooperate with the Chair of Steel-, Lightweight and Composite Constructions of the RUB, developing projects and conducting experiments.

Future Service Life Technology Algorithm

The commonly used approach for service life evaluation is the nominal stress concept without using any further data about material and geometry. SLVISIONS provides an advanced fatigue assessment concept that allows to determine the service life of components individually, considering the material, geometry and load spectrum recorded in the SCADA Systems of your wind turbine.

Let us help you to optimize the economic power of your wind turbines and raise hidden potential.

up to: 10%

Material Savings

up to: 15%

Maintenance Savings

up to: 30%

Further Operation Time

SLVISIONS offers a service life tool that enables you to optimize the economic result of your wind turbine in three phases:

  • In the pre-erection stage by saving costly steel of the tower construction
  • During operation due to accurate estimation of cracking or failure for several components
  • After design service life because the proof of stability can be granted longer than by using conventional methods