Material Savings


Save material. Drop production costs. Get more sustainable.

SLVISIONS provides a circumferential analysis of your material related to a specific component that is stressed by fatigue loading. The first parts of the analysis include tests of your component material to gather static and cyclic material parameters. This allows us to analyse your specific application in order to help you saving material and designing your component effectively. If you are interested in resource saving design and making an impact to climate change by saving steel, please ask for details. We provide you with engineering help in fatigue and service life engineering to lower your production costs.


1. Step: Tensile Material Tests

Conduction of tensile tests to evaluate required static material data.

2. Step: Cyclic Material Tests

Conduction of Incremental Step Tests to evaluate required cyclic material behaviour.

3. Step: Analysis of optimisation potential

Analysis and service life engingeering of material saving potential for your application case.

4. Step: Report & Documentation

SLVisions provides a report and documentation about all calculations.


Condition Monitoring

Know your asset. Calculate better. Forecast service life.

SLVISIONS provides on-demand and a continuous assessments of your dynamically stressed components. With the assessment of critical notches and continuous sensor data, we help you to better plan repairs and maintenance for individual components and structures. We provide you with an on-demand report and also with our condition monitoring system that tells you when you need to act. If you want to know your assets health-status and if you want to forecast service life, please ask for details.


1. Step: Data Aquisition

Preliminary gathering of material and geometry data and continuous transfer of sensor data.

2. Step: Analysis of Notches

FE computation or scan of critical notches and analysis of notch sharpness.

3. Step: Analysis of optimisation potential

Analysis of potential to lower maintenance costs utilising prediction of fatigue progress.

4. Step: Report and Condition Monitoring

SLVISIONS provides you with a a report or with a contiuous dashboard that shows the condition of your component.


Service Life Forecast

Get permission. Operate longer. Save maintenance costs.

After 20 years - Is your wind turbine worth operating longer? SLVISIONS helps you to determine the service life of your wind turbine more accurately. The primary structure of the wind turbine is mainly relevant for the permission of further operation in Germany. Our software calculates the remaining service life of the primary structure and supports you with recommendations and a best and worst case scenario computation. Based on our report you are able to have an assured and safe further operation and get a permission for extended service life. If you want to get the best out of your assets, please ask us for details.


1. Step: Data Aquisition

Gathering of material, geometry and sensor data to assess critical notches.

2. Step: Data Analysis

Data processing of load-time function, material analysis, and prognosis of crack initiation.

3. Step: Structure Assessment

Determination of the service life of the entire tower with identification of critical locations.

4. Step: Further Operation Option

Test report, fatigue condition assessment and recommendation with best-/worstcase scenario.